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  • Image Assessment & Consultation: Trudie begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current or brand image. She will work to identify and refine your personal style and or brand image that aligns with your music and or brand. 

  • Creative Direction & Management for Visual Assets: Our package also includes creative direction for your visual assets, including website images, promotional materials, brand campaigns, performances, and music videos. Trudie will work with you to create a consistent visual language that aligns with your brand and message.


  • Wardrobe Styling: From managing and styling of photoshoots, music videos, campaigns, events and more Trudie will dress, style and oversee all clothing and style elements to ensure  that all of your visual assets online and offline are cohesive and memorable.

  • Branding and Marketing Strategy for Musicians: Trudie and her diverse industry connections understand that building a successful music career requires more than just great music. She will work with you to develop a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy that leverages your image to build a loyal fan base and grow your music career.

  • Ongoing Image Maintenance and Evolution: As your music career evolves, so too should your image. That's why Trudie offers ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your image stays fresh and relevant, helping you to continue to grow your fan base and achieve your music career goals.

Amp Up Your Image, Amp Up Your Sound

With an eye for fashion and design, Trudie is known for her aesthetically fresh approaches with a point of difference that is unexpected.

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